Cold Milling Machine XM50K

Tire moving system, three wheel all drive, drive way is hydraulic and mechannical. Infinitely variable speed with high and low gears to meet the needs of fast move and milling.
1. Cold Milling Machine XM50K cold milling machine usded by three wheel full drive, milling drum by hydraulic mechanical drive,the recycle waste setting is optional setting. Character of easy operate, flexiabl,strong drive,high efficiency, mult function and cheap.
2. Rear is independent suspansion type of supporting wheel, right rear one can backswing inward, easier for welt milling.
3. Milling system is drive by hydraulic mechanical way,high effencicy and milling strong. Imported blade ensure the work life of blade.Achieve the welt milling and manhole cover along milling.
4. The depth of milling is adjusted by the lifting at left and right rear leg. fully use the different adjustable position of two legs. There is depth indicator equiped on the rear leg to show the depth of milling, easy to operate and flexiable.
5. Two brake systems of moving and stop. Seat position can be adjustable, capacious operation platform,driver can move freely. The electric adopt controller and electronic hand shank, dashboard instrumentation and various controller hand shank accord with ergonomic joystick design. Comfortable operation,good view.
6. Material charging system(optional):short hydraulic motor drive the recycle of used material, improve the efficiency greatly.
7. Hydraulic pickaxa( optional):fast change of connector, achieve to crush the pavement.
8. Rumble wheel(optional):two rear wheels can be changed to special rumble wheel,milling roadside the long vocal.
9. Maintenance property: optimization design for whole vehicle, easy for maintenance.

Product data
Item Unit Parameter
Parameter - Cold Milling Machine XM50K
Performance Parameters
Maximum Milling Width (mm) 500
Maximum Milling Depth (mm) 160
Rotor Diameter (mm) 660
Number of Tools (m) 44
Traveling Performance Parameters
Traveling Speed (km/h) 0-6
Working Speed (m/min) 0-25
Gradeability (%) ≥60%
Quality parameters
Operating weight (kg) 7500
Size Parameters
Mechanical (L × W × H) (mm) 5266X1765X2500
Belt conveyor (length × width × height) (mm) 5266X1765X3346
Ground clearance (mm) 120
Factory - Dongfeng Cummins
Type - 4BTA3.9-C110
Power / Speed (kw/r/min) 82/2200

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