Trailer Asphalt Heater JD-1600

Energy Saving: Avoid direct fire baked pavement, small air consumption, solar panels to replenish power, saving the charging time indoors.
Trailer multifunctional asphalt heater are asphalt pavement recycling equipment designed for environment protection.It features blue flame recycling technology, innovative materials,reasonable structure,high efficiency and easy operation.It can be used for repairing a variety of road disease including joint spalling,pothole,alligator crack and damaged municipal manhole covers,and can rapidly melt the icy layer in the municipal road and airport runway in winter.

Products data
Model JD-1600 JD-2000
Dimensions 4300*1910*2084MM 4300*1910*2084MM
Weight 650KG 675KG
Heating Area 1.35㎡ 2㎡
Heating Time 8-12 min 8-12 min
Operating Temperature 140-170℃ 140-170℃
Max Temperature 175℃ 175℃
Heating Method Blue Flame Blue Flame
Emulsified Asphalt Tank 30L 30L
Engine Honda Gasoline Honda Gasoline
Traveling Method Trailer/Self-propelled Trailer/Self-propelled
Trailer Speed 80 KM/H 80 KM/H
Self-Propelled speed 0-5 KM/H 0-5 KM/H

1.Recycling used material with low cost.
2.Sectional heating zone can be turned on an off independently.
3.Hauled by other vehicle or moving with self-propelled motor, it is convenient to move around.
4.The integrated emulsified asphalt spray system can timely spay emulsified asphalt to improve binding perfomance.
5.The gasifier ensures the sufficient gasification of propane and so as to enhance burning efficiency.

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